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AISSS - Tempe, Downtown, Polytechnic, West


All ASU American Indian students will successfully progress towards educational excellence and graduation to become self-reliant individuals who effectively give back to their families and communities.



Get a jumpstart with SPIRIT - a free 2-week program that helps first-time freshmen students adjust to ASU, and connect with friends and mentors.  Do you have SPIRIT?  Learn more and apply today!

Graduate Pathways

ASU Graduate Pathways

This 2-day conference helps to ensure American Indian students are well-equipped to successfully apply and enter their graduate school of choice.  Learn more and find your Road to Success!

Mentor U @ASU

Mentor U @ASU

Mentor U @ASU helps students: 1) determine the right major for themselves; and 2) get a jumpstart building a successful career.  Mentors (experienced professionals) are available for all majors!  Learn more now!

Student Video

Hoop and Pow Wow Dancing

Video directed by Ramon "Moonie" Littleman, ASU construction management student.  Moonie brings his unique visions to life, utilizing his culture as inspiration.  For more videos, visit Moonie's YouTube channel.