Student Stories

Teverrick Chee

Teverrick V. Chee is a senior student studying at ASU West campus, majoring in environmental science with an emphasis in sedimentology and hydrology. His passion for the environment has led him to the field of conservation ecology and hopes to work with the federal government after he graduates ... [read more]  

Kristina Fish

Kristina Fish, who earned a bachelor's in community health at ASU and is now in a master's program at the University of Arizona, wants to change the health care system in Indian Country, for children with special health needs ... [read more]  

Brian Andy Harrison

Brian Andy Harrison is motivated to succeed, balancing work, life and school was not an easy task. His journey at ASU has now led him closer to graduation... [read more] 

Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson earned her bachelor's degree at ASU on May 2019 and will be pursuing her graduate degree at Kansas State University... [read more]


Clarissa Jean Skeets

An English (creative writing) major in ASU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Clarissa Jean Skeets took a break from her studies for a time but now says her new motto in life is "Persevere and no shenanigans." ... [read more]

Emily McDonnell

Emily shares her story about study abroad. During her time in Belize, she stayed with different indigenous Maya communities. In the future she plans to travel across Latin America to build relationships with local communities and support indigenous activism... [read more]


Cassandra Pena

A few roadblocks didn't stop Cassandra Pena from reaching her goals. It was important to her to be a role model for her three children and family ... [read more]  


Hosteen Judem Smith

After earning two associate degrees from Cloud County College, Hosteen transferred to ASU and is now majoring in recreation therapy... [read more]


David Sprengeler

David Sprengeler is pursuing his master's in higher education at ASU and is currently full-time staff in the Admissions department... [read more]


Kayla-Rae Wakeland

Kayle-Rae is from Tuba City, Arizona learn about her passions and future goals...[read more]